Monday, February 25, 2013

Abbi's Favorite DC Restaurants

It's moving day for the Diegos!  We're en route to Atlanta, and I'm feeling nostalgic for our time in the capital.  Let's call this week's posts 'Abbi's Farewell to DC.'  Check back throughout this week to get an idea of what made me fall in love with this city!

JP and I moved to DC in early September 2008, and I absolutely love the last four and a half years we've spent here.  It's been wonderful to discover the food DC has to offer, and I'd like to offer up five of my favorites.  There are so many more amazing places in the capital, so start here and keep going until you find your own personal treasures.  

Best Comfort Food
If you've had a rough day and need something warm and soothing to get you through the evening, head to Mandu, my favorite Korean restaurant, and order up some bibim bap.  It's a rice and vegetable medley topped with a fried egg.  To make things even better, there's some gochujang (a bean and chili paste) served on the side.  I like the dolsot version, which comes in a hot stone bowl, allowing the rice to crisp up on the bottom.  Hard to be in a bad mood when your tummy is so happy!

Best Healthy Food
DC is lucky enough to have a few local salad chains, but my favorite is always Sweetgreen.  They're all over the place in DuPont and Georgetown, my two closest neighborhoods, so I'm close enough to grab their Misoba and Chic-P salads at least once a week.  Bonus: they'll top a salad with sriracha!

Best Coffee
If you've got time to kill in DuPont, you should stop by Filter Coffeehouse.  Their beans are roasted in Maryland, so it's pretty darn local, and their menu has only coffee-based beverages.  This ain't a Starbucks, with their frappes and egg sandwiches.  Filter smells like coffee, the baristas aren't super pretentious, and how cute are the bike racks?  Love the French press and mug!

Best Takeout
It's hard to find decently priced Mexican food in DC.  I like mole sauces and ceviche as much as the next person, but seriously, I just want a burrito sometimes.  When that happens, we order from Super Tacos.  (Please visit the website; their song is amazing.)  Tacos and burritos served with tortilla chips, flan made right in the restaurant, and absolutely delicious tamales...ahhh, I'm hungry just thinking about it!

Best Date Night
I'm biased because this restaurant is two blocks from our place, and I hate walking a long distance in high heels.  However, the ambiance and food of Blue Duck Tavern is unparalleled in DC.  We've been for dinner (all of their veggies are delicious and served in large portions, and their entrees are divine), and sometimes just hit it up for a quick drink and dessert in the lounge area.  There's a tea sommelier, if you're into that.  Also, Barack has taken Michelle there.  JP and I are basically the Obamas of Foggy Bottom; no biggie.

This is just the start!  For vegan fare, hit up Sticky Fingers; definitely go to Truckeroo during the summer to try out the food trucks in the city; and always take advantage of Restaurant Week, when tons of DC restaurants offer pre-fixed menus of their best dishes for a great rate.

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  1. Thanks for the little restaurant tour! I always thought we'd get up to DC while you were there but if we ever go, we'll know where to dine. Loved talking with you yesterday. Love you. XXXXX GG'ma