Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowy Day Entertainment

'Move to Atlanta,' they said.  'The winters will be milder, and the spring lasts forever.'
Well, we are on our second bout of cabin fever in as many weeks, so I'm starting to take geography and weather advice with a grain of salt.
August, JP, and I learned our lesson with the last winter storm to hit north Georgia, so we were prepared with lots of entertainment options this time around!  I thought I'd share some of the ways we're keeping our sanity while (mostly) stuck inside with snow and ice in the yard.

On Tuesday morning, August and I ventured into the world to get our wiggles out before being cooped up.  You can see above that the weather wasn't perfect, but just a smidge of slush on the road; it mostly just rained after 10am.  We were gone 9:30am-4:15pm, which is practically the entire work day!  We went to RedBox (more on that in a minute), Barnes and Noble for some new books (libraries were already closed!), met some friends for a very long lunch, picked up art supplies at Michael's, a new outfit or two from Babies R Us, and visited Abuela for a while.  It was nice to get some breathing room before Pax hit us!

I got a few new movies for JP and I; RedBox has been our lifesaver lately.  Yesterday we watched Ender's Game and Enough Said.  The latter was such a charming film!  If you're looking for a grown-up movie, I definitely recommend it.  Today I'm looking forward to Fruitvale Station, which should fill my critical discussion quota for the morning.  There are just so many good movies to catch up on!

New Toys!
Well, new to August.  He loves playing with his own little spoon during mealtime, so yesterday I pulled out our silicone measuring bowls and tiny pastry brush and spatula for him to play with while I fiddled around in the kitchen.  My mom also sent along some awesome websites with activities for infants (you can find some great ones just by googling or searching on Pinterest), which we've sprinkled in throughout the day.  If he's happy, we're all happy.

New Recipes!
With JP home to lend an extra hand to help with August, I was able to try out a couple of new recipes yesterday.  Above is the almost-end result of some amazing ice cream I'm going to share with you next week, and we also tested out a new crock-pot pulled pork taco meal for dinner.  It helped the day feel fresh, rather than just pulling out another veggie stew when it's cold out.

Photo Shoot!
To kill some time and keep August occupied, we did a little Valentine shoot with him yesterday morning.  It was really fun!  I used a paper garland Haley made for my bachelorette party (nearly 2 years ago to the day!) and a big ivory blanket for a background, and just let August be cute for 20 minutes.  What a fun way to to document his first Valentine's Day!

JP and Mia helped keep an eye on the little man.

Our  back yard currently looks like this and there are still flurries coming down, so we'll probably have another day inside.  Once it lets up a bit, though, I hope to share some pictures of August's first snowman!  I hope you're warm, safe, and having a fun Thursday.


  1. With that precious baby and your handsome husband at home -- no problem being cooped up indoors!!! You made it all sound like so much fun!!!

    1. Oh good! There were some moments of cabin fever, but we really did enjoy the time off together. xo