Wednesday, November 16, 2011

White Bean Burgers

I love anything you can smoosh between two pieces of bread.  I've done my PB&J stage, Publix subs, lentil-walnut burgers, cheese steaks...the sandwich, and all of its variations, is the perfect food in my book.  It's best to not get comfortable, though.  I love trying out new flavor combinations, adding new condiments, even going meatless if the mood calls for it. 
It was calling last week when I saw these White Bean Burgers with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Rosemary on Not Without Salt.  It's packed with protein from cannellini beans, plus gets a dose of green in form of spinach on top (she used arugula) and some heat from chili flakes.  I also put some mustard and guacamole on the buns; fantastic duo.  John Paul fried up some asparagus as the side dish, and we had ourselves a regular feast!


  1. I will have to try these - they look yummy!

  2. Who's Is Paul you've been hanging out with?!!?