Friday, May 3, 2013

April 2013 Illinois Trip, by Haley

Let me start out by saying that I had a fabulous time in Illinois with the girls!  We had such fun exercising, and eating, and sight-seeing, and resting, and chatting--we are really blessed to have such a close family that can get along on a five-day trip.  

Nesi, Amber, and I got to Illinois about an hour before Abbi did, and we made good use of our time while we waited for her, as you can see.  

Us young'uns got squished in the back of the car on the way home, but we didn't mind. 

Black Dog!  This is a fabulous barbecue place in Urbana, with great drinks and food to die for.  We waited an hour, outside in the cold, just to get in--we were devoted!

The lovely 5k-ers picking up their race packets...Abbi's got all the good pics of the race, so I will just fast-forward to afterwards...

When we went to the Japan house to see the cherry blossoms!  It was so peaceful and beautiful, and it was windy, so all the white petals kept blowing off like snow around us.  There was a sort of meditation garden, where I suggested that we all sit and contemplate our emotions about the day.  What did Mommi want to contemplate?  Her new Eddie Bauer jacket.  Well.

The lovely Maynard girls on our way to Chicago!  We had such a good train ride; Mommi and Nesi had packed us delicious lunches, we did crosswords, read magazines, and someone took a nap.  

The bean!

Two hours later: the fog!  

Our flight home was delayed, so we had good time to people-watch and have lunch; I leave you with this picture of a little dog waiting in line for the water fountain at the airport!  


  1. So glad the trip to Black Dog was documented!! Believe me when I say, their applesauce was delicious.

  2. Comment-deserving applesauce??? It must really be delicious to warrant a memory! But I'll take your word for it Abbi. Sounded like a great trip for all you girls. XXXX