Friday, June 14, 2013

Abbi's Week in Photos

I've got a couple of weeks' worth of life to catch you up on!  As I missed Mother's Day when it officially rolled around, JP made me breakfast in bed on the Sunday after.  Delicious waffles with scrambled eggs, a beautiful cappuccino, lots of can bet I was a happy expectant mom.

We went to our first Braves game!  I haven't been to a baseball game in perhaps 18-20 years, but, if we're being honest, this wasn't a great re-introduction.  The game was delayed for 3 hours because of rain, then there was a 30 minute rain delay during the middle of the game- thank goodness we were under some overhang.  All in all, we ended up being gone from our house for 13 hours that day (between 'tailgating' at a friend's house to avoid the rain, the delays, traffic, and grabbing dinner out because I was too tired to cook)!
At least we won?

 Mia is so content in a sunny spot on the couch.

JP and I had a mini-golf date night.  After starting off with 2 holes-in-one (!!), I lost by 4 strokes.  Eh, I don't mind losing to that handsome face.

On Memorial Day weekend, we spent a couple of nights at the lake house, and were treated to this sight: an adolescent black bear just wandering around the front yard!  Apparently it's breeding season, and no one in the Parks Dept. was concerned, so we just kept a close eye on Mia that weekend.
For what it's worth, this bear was cute, but had some pretty long claws.  I was definitely glad to be behind some windows.

Here's the churro at 32 weeks, when he was the size of a honeydew.

And here's a side-by-side comparison of me at 15 weeks vs. 33 weeks.  Same dress, though you'll notice that it's a bit higher in the front these days.  All is going well, although my patience for wearing pants is waning; there are a lot of dresses going on at Casa de Diego.
Next week I'm going to do a full post on how the third trimester is going.  Come back on Wednesday for an entry with way too much information!

The nesting phase is fully underway!  Our changing area is set up in the nursery, and I'm so excited to share pictures of the finished space with you once we get our crib in next week.  In the meantime, we're practicing swaddling on an old teddy bear, and stocking our old kitchen island/new changing table with diaper necessities and burp cloths.

We've also started filling up one of the 'yoga studios' downstairs!  Got the couch (Restoration Hardware) and ottoman (Pottery Barn) on major sale at the outlets during Memorial Day weekend, and the rug is a cast-off from my mother-in-law.  Obviously, it's only about 40% finished, but it's a great space to read in the afternoon; this room gets lovely light.


  1. Ahhhh - what lovely life! Love the room (you know I love neutrals). Love the lovely breakfast JP made you (what a good husband/expectant dad). I am glad Mia is happy with her ATL life (although you make her life happy no matter where you take her). Love the belly shots - makes me feel like I am not so far away.....

  2. Love every single picture. Thanks so much for sharing with your far-away G'ma! XXXXX