Friday, August 9, 2013

Gratuitous Photos of August

 August, Mia, and I generally get some good couch time in the afternoons.  Good thing our sofa is big enough for all three of us!

 Morning snuggles with my little man last week; he usually eats at 7ish, then takes a little nap, which I sometimes join him for!
This kid knows how to yawn!  It looks like a roar, but then just ends with him smacking his lips together.  So cute!

 Last Sunday, we ventured out for our first mini-hike!  Our family loaded up in the car and headed to Roswell Area Park, where Mia and JP jogged for a few miles while August and I walked behind them. He likes being in the Ergo baby carrier!

 Modeling the effectiveness of some new jammies.

 Sometimes, he needs a quick rest before his nightcap with me.

 On Tuesday afternoon, August, Mia and I ventured up to the lake house for some downtime with Abuela and Tia Belen.  He had a really good time!

It completely wore him out to be stared at and adored for hours on end.

And here he is practicing some soccer kicks with his dad.  We can't start him too young!

I'll close with this quick video of August's yawn in action.  This is my life; it's not too shabby.


  1. No matter what anyone says, August looks like you. Those dimples are undeniably Abbi! He is the cutest baby ever.

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post - August certainly has a busy life - hiking, napping, yawning, snuggling, visiting, modeling pjs and kicking! Love that boy (you, JP and Mia too).