Monday, June 22, 2015

What We Did in May (Part 1)

May was such a fun, all-over-the-place month for our family!  This is super picture-heavy; you've been warned!

 Grandma and my dad came up to visit the first weekend!  It was so, so nice to show Grandma around Roswell and our home (she hadn't visited yet!), and I will never get over how cool it is to see my kids with my dad.

August was pretty psyched to show off his many, many truck books.

 JP was the best man in his cousin's wedding at the absolutely stunning Barnsley Gardens, so we got to dress up for the night and dance a little bit.  I was so impressed with the speech he gave for Nacho; maybe in his next life, my husband will be a public speaker.
Also, we brought Bash to the ceremony and reception, so I needed a nursing-friendly outfit for the night.  Above, you can see that I went with a 'formal' crop top and skirt combo.  So cute and comfy!

This handsome little man turned 3 months on May 10.  Don't let the onesie fool you- he's actually a pretty decent sleeper.

I got some breakfast in bed for Mother's Day, which August promptly dug into.  Thanks, little man!  I can never handle waffles on my own.  ;)

We joined a great new group geared toward getting parents outdoors with their kids; Hike It, Baby has been awesome for us this spring and summer.  I led a hike at one of our favorite parks, and Bash slept in the carrier while August wandered around this pond on a break in them middle.  Fun!

 Hein came to town for Bash's baptism in mid-May!  He got lots of kisses.

 Most of our playgroup members at the Southeast Railway Museum in Duluth.  This is right after we rode around on a mini steam train with all the kids!  We really enjoyed ourselves.  Thanks for being the photographer, Mom!

One of the very few photos from Bash's baptism.  We were so lucky to have Amber come up for the event!  Bash enjoyed meeting her. 

Come back later for more pictures from our busy month!  There is so much to capture on this blog before I forget it.  Would y'all be interested in hearing Bash's birth story?

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  1. What a treat to see you back on The Lovely Prelude!!! Wonderful pictures. And, of course, all your stories are greatly appreciated! XXXX