Monday, June 29, 2015

August Turns Two!

This guy here-
this sweet little man who waves by to everyone in the building while leaving his summer camp (saying, 'Bye, friends!')-

who rocks this long haircut and loves his bath times with Papa to entertain him (especially with bath gel bubbles)-

who gamely stops his goofy antics to let me document his insane cuteness and thinks glasses are the ultimate accessory-

who can't get enough bubbles and could not be more affectionate-

and looks awesome with chalk on his face-

he turned TWO yesterday!  This year has flown by even faster than his first, so it came as a bit of a shock to realize there would be an 's' at the end of his age now (yearS old).  
August, you are SO MUCH FUN to hang out with.  Yes, you are a toddler, and so have your moments of frustration and exhaustion, but they are so minuscule compared to the smiles and laughs.  You can't get enough of anything that goes: boats, construction vehicles, motorcycles.  It has been so heartwarming to watch you with your little brother these past few months; you've given him a pacifier when he's sad, spontaneously hugged him, and say, 'Night night, Bashy Boo' when he goes down for his afternoon nap.  Our sweetest moments are when we snuggle during your bedtime stories, and, not surprisingly, your favorite new book is Good Night, Good Night, Construction Site.  We have so much fun playing, singing, watching cartoons, and running around playgrounds together.  I can't wait to see what this year holds!

We celebrated with a construction-themed cake with the abuelos and tias.  The cake came second to the mini trucks on top, scooping graham cracker sand!
Happy birthday, my little sweet potato pie!  

P.S. Bash was nonplussed most of the day.  I think he was bummed there was no cake for him!

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  1. I've looked at these pictures a hundred times!!! Each one is my favorite! XXXXX