Saturday, July 4, 2015

Our Week in Photos

We've had a pretty full week here in Georgia; let's get to it!

Tuesday morning, the boys and I set out to a nearby farm for some blackberry picking.  I would say about half of the berries ended up in August's tummy, not the basket.  He was happy, though, so whatever works!  How adorable is he in those overalls?!

 I got some baby snuggles while August played in the Chattahoochee at a park later that day.  Bash just loves watching his big brother play; it's so cool to watch him already looking up to August.

 August took his job of shoveling sand and throwing it into the river very seriously.  Also, fed a LOT of bread to the ducks in the distance.

 Doesn't Mia look like she's about to lead a board meeting with her legs like that?

 The big guy in his happy place: an empty ball pit with a mini dig-dig in one hand and mini dump truck in the other.  On rainy or super hot (or super cold) days, indoor playgrounds are a lifesaver, especially when we can meet up with friends to get our energy out!

 A contemplative Bash wonders how many of August's mini trucks he can grab before August notices.

 Hahaha, just kidding.  Bash knows not to mess with his big bro's toys!
That smile just gets me every time.

 August's new move is to run up behind me and jump onto my back for a rear hug.  It's very sweet, if a bit out of left field.

Oh man, I had every intention of posting this update yesterday, but spent most of the day in the doctor's office, then the ER, with my men.  Bash had an insanely high fever all day, and, after having blood drawn and a catheter to pull a sample, we discovered that he has a UTI and minor ear infection.  He was such a trooper with all the people poking him, and it broke my heart that he was feeling so bad.  We were at the best kids' hospital in the area, though (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta was amazing), and they were so accommodating with it being a Friday before a holiday.  We are so lucky that we've made it two years without a visit to the ER; here's hoping that we can make it even more next time. 
Bash is on antibiotics and a strict snuggle schedule to feel better.  


  1. Oh no!! So sorry to read about your trip to the ER. Poor little baby Bash. Know he'll be better soon but still sounds scary! Thinking of you. XXXXX

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