Friday, July 17, 2015

Our Week in Photos

JP and I swapped our mid-afternoon-moment photos; this was mine.  August will run up behind me, wrapped his arms around my neck, and just hang out.  And Bash just looks like, 'Oh, what is this crazy contraption?'

 THAT FACE.  Heavens to Betsy, it is made for kissing.

'You see, Bash, the bed tips back and the dirt falls out.' 'Oh yes, of course.  I see that now.'
My imaginary conversations these boys have are always very civilized.

(See two comments above.)  This is how he woke up from a nap this week!

We took then boys to Dunwoody Nature Center and let August wander up and down the creek while Bash watched.  He is just so taken with his big brother.

August got this water/sand table for his birthday and our biggest mistake/hit has been putting enough sand for a small beach in one side.  He is entertained for hours at a time with this thing.

Dallas and Laura have a house!  Being the wonderful houseguests that we are, August climbed onto Uncle Dallas' lap mid-conversation to show him a truck video on JP's phone.

My favorite way to start the week lately is to run around a park near our house, then let August play in the playground.  This week, he decided to forgo the slides and ladders in favor of shoveling mulch from place to place in these little trucks.  It was a pretty big undertaking, but he managed.

Bash loves his hand-me-down bouncer!  He goes to town jumping up and down, and loves to hit that little keyboard (which does nothing fancy).  It's so fun to watch him enjoy this as much as August did!

It was a close friend's birthday last week, so we brought the fixin's for ice cream cones.  This is probably the first time these three boys have sat still and quietly in the last 18 months.

At a local nature center, August took it upon himself to organize this box of 'ribbits.'  He even made some of them hop around the table.  It was pretty cute.

A truly glamour mom moment in the Target dressing room.

Of course, the moms in my play group found the time to squeeze in a Magic Mike XXL screening.  We are busy, but have priorities.  And, oh man, was this movie awful but fun to watch.

Another mid-afternoon-moment photo for JP.

 The lighting in Bash's room is on point after his afternoon nap, and he has the cutest expression here!

JP is just the cutest dad with nostalgia.  He bid on this Playmobil castle set on eBay, and it's the exact one he played with as a kid.  Now he and August are enjoying building the walls and driving August's trains along the ramparts.

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  1. I'm so glad LD and I made that trip to see you because when I cruise through your "week in pictures" - I can really visualize exactly where everything and everybody is in your beautiful home. Love the pictures sooooo much!!