Friday, July 24, 2015

Our Week in Photos

 I am always so happy to spend time with this strong, funny, kind woman.  Did I mention that she knows the best places to eat in Tallahassee?  We hit up this place for snowballs- shaved ice filled with soft serve and topped with flavored syrups and sweetened condensed milk.  YESSSS.

On Monday, August, Bash, and I hit up the GA Aquarium with another friend and her two children.  The six of us lasted nearly 2 hours, after which we all stumbled back to our cars in an exhausted haze.  Toddlers and babies and crowded spaces are such a great combination.

Lest you think the two older boys are the only ones who like to build things, here is photographic proof that Bash is also into castles.

On a Wednesday morning with no plans, I took my boys to one of our favorite paths, and left the stroller in the car, i.e. August had to walk.  We did a 1.5 mile loop, and he was (generally) a trooper!  We got to cool off/play with trucks in this little creek, which made the older kid very happy.

Bash was in the Ergo carrier, and seemed so content just gazing at the trees surrounding us and listen to me sing every so often.  He is such a chill kid sometimes.
And he's basically all cheeks these days!

Starting the truck obsession young!

Every so often, August just spontaneously 'hugs' Bash.  We never make him give kisses or hugs (even to us), so it's really sweet to see that he just veers toward being affectionate.  These boys are so entertaining to hang out with each day.

Bash has recently discovered his feet!  And socks!  Who knew the very best toys are already attached to us?!

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  1. Love those sweet cheeks on baby Bash! Both boys are just exceptionally adorable. Just ask GG'ma!!!