Thursday, May 13, 2010

This Is Where I Leave You


Think of this as a less neurotic Nick Hornby (who I also love dearly). This is the story of the Foxman family’s shiva after their patriarch’s death. Judd, the third child of four, recently separated from his wife after finding her mid-coitus. With his shock jock DC boss. In their marriage bed. For a week, he is forced to go back home to mourn his father’s death, along with his overbearing, TMI-sharing mother, miserable older brother Paul, unfulfilled older sister Wendy, and unpredictable young brother Phil. They haven’t been together in years, and secrets are revealed, punches thrown, and lots of confrontations had.
Tropper is hilarious; his writing never feels forced, and I found myself chuckling throughout the novel. I won’t lie- there are some pretty graphic descriptions of sex (though not gratuitous) and strong language, but it goes so perfectly with the tone of the book. This would be a great summer read, or something to take on a trip. I’m already reading another one of Tropper’s books; is there anything better than discovering a great newish author?

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