Monday, October 28, 2013

August's Baptism

On Saturday, we baptized David Augustine Diego into the Catholic church.  Oh my goodness, he could not have been a better behaved kid during the 20-minute service, which took place at a church close to his abuelos' home.  The same priest who married us led the baptism, which was intimate and lovely. 
Belen took some wonderful pictures of the ceremony, which I'd love to share with you!

 We prepped the little man with a quick bottle before and during the beginning of the service.  I love that he's started guiding the bottle with his own little hands; it melts me.
PS How adorable are his pudgy little fingers?!

 Proud parents.  (We're just glad there's no spit-up involved, and we're wearing matching shoes.)

 August's godparents are the very excited Pablo Diego (JP's dad), and Auntie Haley, who took over some of the feeding duties.  He will be a lucky kid to be spiritually guided by those two.
And how cute is Haley's face here?  She looks very matter-of-fact.

 You can barely tell, but Haley is holding August's hand while he checks out his godfather; it was an interactive service!

 Sticking his tongue out; what a lovely child.

August loves his baths, so we weren't concerned with the water portion.
On another note, I want to frame this photo and hang it all over our house.  Love it!

A little unsure of the oil on his head, but holding it together for the camera.

 How sweet is that little face?!

 His papa took over some of the carrying duties, as well.  It was a team effort!

 The whole service was lovely.  We had close family friends and some family there, and Msgr. Maron had everyone stand around the font.  It felt like a little campfire, only a baptismal font instead of s'mores!

 We're so lucky to have people in our lives who care about being at our son's baptism.

 Such a good-looking group!

 I die.  This kid has me wrapped around his fingers.

 Looking like parents again...

 These wonderful folks drove all the way up from sunny south Florida (and missed the FSU game!) to be here this weekend.  Thank you so much, Daddy Man, Auntie Haley, and Karen!  It was great to have the Shelton family represented.

The Diegos welcoming another sweet baby into the church.

And, ahem, totally not a big deal (yes it was), but I ordered the first cake for my son last week.  How adorable is it?!  It was two layers, one chocolate and one vanilla, with chocolate buttercream between and vanilla buttercream on top.  You can't see, but there were also blue polka dots on the side.  It was so delicious!
I felt like a mom while placing the order.  It happens.


  1. What a fantastic event! I knew you wouldn't let me down by sharing all these beautiful pictures. Love, love, love that baby and all of you. He is absolutely the cutest, best little boy ever!!!! You and JP look so handsome and beautiful. Even a good picture of LD!!! That's so rare!!!

  2. His is the sweetest of all faces - except for yours when you smile at that baby boy. Augustine is indeed a lucky little boy to be surrounded by so much love. (And the cake looks amazing!)