Monday, October 7, 2013

The (Not so) Little Man

Oh man, it has been a busy few weeks here in Roswell.  August has met some truly awesome family members and friends, JP and I went on a movie date (just us!), and we've started the 14-week sleep regression.  Don't let the pictures below fool you; August may nap during the day, but his nightly routine is totally off.  JP and I are going on as little sleep as we were when August was just 3 weeks old.  Hopefully this regulates soon, or you may get even fewer posts up here!

Let's just call this what it is: pictures of August.  There will one day be posts of recipes, books, TV shows, but for now, this little man dominates the blog.

 I just adore this photo, taken at 3am last week.

 August with his abuelo!  So sweet.

 Oh my good gracious, I just love this outfit on him.  Doesn't he look so grown-up?

 Last week's nursing group was very interesting for the little man.  Well, not so little these days, as he tips the scale at over 14 pounds!

 The cutest nose I've ever seen.

 He just loves when his papa comes home!  We've had some good smiles around here lately, which helps mitigate the sleeplessness.

 Our little dude bro.

 Auntie Jess came for a visit last weekend!  August took a nap on her; she was in heaven.  There is something so calming about a baby sleeping on your chest, isn't there?

 He'll be sitting up by himself within the next couple of weeks, so I'm enjoying being his support while he still needs me.

 Naptime with papa.

 August and I have instituted story time in the morning.  Currently, we're enjoying this tactile board book about fall.

 He just loves being held!  August and Auntie Jess got along so well; it warmed this mama's heart.

And here's the little man modeling a onesie made at his baby shower.  How cute is that iron-on print?  I love all of these onesies made my people close to us, even though he is outgrowing them faster than I'd like.  Stay small, little man!

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  1. He is just the sweetest little thing! But sorry to read about your sleepless nights!!! All things pass -- and I hope you're napping whenever you can. Love you. XXXXX