Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Busy Week in Photos

 Have you ever seen a cuter pair of jammies?  They're for 6-month-olds!  They're a bit big for August, but he's already outgrown most of his 3-month pj's.  TIME FLIES.

 Last Saturday, Belen and I ran a 5k color run; very fun, but my face was dyed blue for the rest of the day!  It was quite a look.  Finished with about a 10-minute mile, and I feel really good about that time!

 On Saturday night, Hein got in and went straight to the baby boy.  He was freshly bathed and in his bear jammies, ready for a brief snuggle before bed.
JP was out of town at a conference for four days last week, so my mom was in town to help out.  She was so amazingly helpful, and I didn't want her to leave!  August was happy to spend time with her, too.
We went to story time at the library, a few walks, and he met a lot of wonderful family members.  September was definitely a good month for us!

 The little man napping.  I love how coordinated his outfit is with blue pacifier, T-shirt and diaper.

 On Monday, August got to meet his Great-Papa!  It was very cool, and a little surreal, to see my grandpa holding my son.  Things got very meta.

 August really enjoyed discussing his future career plans with his Great-Grandma.  I think the decided he would be a guitarist, which he seems very happy about.

 Four generations on one couch!  So, so cool that August has so many great-grandparents in good shape.  He'll get to meet one more in a few weeks!

 Oh my goodness, my heart just melts when he smiles like that.  August's eyes do the same squinty thing that mine do; they look practically closed.

 We spent Wednesday morning watching the ceiling fan.  Things get very exciting around these parts.

August was very happy with his new fall wardrobe!  Mom and I went shopping for some cool-weather necessities Wednesday afternoon, and you will see a very stylish little man when the temperatures drop a bit.  There may be a hoodie with teddy bear ears involved; you'll have to stay tuned to find out.

Aunt Karol came up for a couple of nights, and was such a lovely houseguest!  She and Mom were on babysitting duty Wednesday night, and did a phenomenal job.  They're pros at this whole 'care for a baby' thing. 

The cultivation of the double chin continues.

August started batting at his toys this week!  While talking to one of my friends with a 6-month old, she backed up how thrilling it is to watch him finally realize that he can interact with the world around him. So, so incredible to watch his brain develop as he gets a little older!


  1. Cannot get over how much he's grown. You are the very best mommy!!!

  2. We were busy weren't we? So happy I could spend time with August, his mom, a little time with his dad and of course he concerned older sis Mia. Keep up the good work - you are doing everything right.

  3. Oh my goodness that picture of him in his car seat smiling is killing me! He is certainly a very happy boy. And I also love that his eyes get squinty like your's when he smiles--that's how we know its a real smile!!