Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Personalized Quote Painting

 This is possibly the easiest craft in the history of easy crafts.  Find a piece of art you're not super crazy about, stick on vinyl letters into your favorite sayings, paint, peel off letters, hang.  I would say more about how easy this is, but, honestly, it would be beating a point to death.
You can find instructions on this 1-hour DIY at A Beautiful Mess.
Perhaps a better post would be about why I chose these particular sayings.  The first one is currently hanging in our guest room, as I thought it would be a fun mantra for people visiting.  However, it's also not a bad idea to wake up remembering that each day is a new beginning.  We are in charge of how we feel and perceive our days and, if we say a day is going to be damn fine, it probably will be.
The second is something I have been easing into.  Since having August, it's amazing how my to-do lists have shrunk into nearly nothing.  With an infant in the house (who are we kidding, ruling the house), it's just impossible to get everything done.  I've learned to let go.  Let go of having a perfectly spotless house, let go of to-the-minute schedules, let go of stressing over fitting into those size 2 jeans.  What's important is that, at the end of my damn fine day, my family is happy and fed.  Sometimes this is easier said than done, but I've got a great reminder hanging in my house in case I forget.


  1. What a dandy craft idea! And proud of you for finding the time to still do a craft -- even a simple on like these. And love your sentiments. The so thoughtful one in your guest room and the "Let Go" -- sooooo true. Having that precious baby does change your priorities.

  2. I must agree with Barbara - I am impressed you find the time to do a craft at all. Love the sayings also - sometimes you just need to be reminded!