Saturday, September 21, 2013

My (Last) Week in Photos

Don't worry, that title doesn't mean it's my last post!  Last week, I was caught up in my first playdate (!!), mommy group, recuperating from a visit from my fabulous, newly-engaged cousin, and trying to get August in a sleep routine.  This post is late, so I'll make up for it with extra cuteness from my little man.

Before JP heads out to work, August and I try to get some face time in our jammies.  It's like our little morning conference, although it involves more kisses and giggles than most of JP's work meetings.  Probably.

 Aunt Summer came for a visit last weekend!  So wonderful to introduce August to all of his wonderful familiy.

Sleepy snuggles.
Confession: I usually just nap with August after his 6am feeding.  It's just so much easier than swaddling him again.

 This is actually from Labor Day, but thought August's first attempt to pick up a girl was too cute not to share.  They're just 2 days apart!

He loves his Aunt Summer!  August is smiling a lot more now, and it is enough to make everyone around him melt.
P.S. How awesome is Summer's leopard print dress?!

 My men!

 The many faces of David Augustine Diego.

Doing some tummy time at our breastfeeding support group.  We've got to strengthen those neck muscles so he can hold his head up!  The little man is getting a bald strip around his head from laying down all the time.  

 Getting some QT with my babygirl during August's nap.  She's still such a cuddlebug.

 I so love this shirt on him.  Something about it looks so stylish for a 12-week old.

We went to a food truck station here in Roswell last Thursday night for a family outing!  August slept the evening away while strapped to JP's chest, which gave the parents time to chat with neighbors (who have a 5-month old!), eat tacos, drink Mexican Coke, and slurp down chocolate-sea salt popsicles.  I was as happy as August looks in this picture.

I just love him so much!  August is turning into a chunky monkey; think it's time to get him one of these?

And now for some of the little man in action.  This is what JP and I do in the evening- talk about how our son looks like a small frat boy.  Being a grown-up isn't so bad sometimes.


  1. Can we ever get enough of that adorable and precious boy??? An emphatic NO!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the wonderful pictures and notes about your happy life. XXXXX

    1. I can't get enough of him either, and am so excited for you to meet him!

  2. That video is awesome - come at me bro!! - SJ