Friday, September 13, 2013

My Week in Photos

 This picture just kills me!  I love how tightly August is holding onto his dad's hand.

August has officially become the party animal of the house; he can stay up way later than JP and I!

My morning goes something like this: JP feeds August and hands him off to me before heading into to work, I spend the next hour gazing at the little man and snuggling with him before getting up and starting the day.  It's rough, but someone has to admire him early in the morning.
Also, he's getting a bald stripe around his head.  Is August already losing his baby hair?!  I feel old!  Slow down, clock!

 We've started cloth diapering during the day!  How cute are his little bottoms here?  They have little math equations on them and say, "I'm a genius."  Of course, we already knew that, but it's nice to have it verified.

How absolutely gorgeous does Olga look at her bridal shower last weekend?

My little man. When he nestles into my neck like that, I'm done.  This kid has me wrapped around his finger.

Post-afternoon lunch cuddles with his mama.

On Wednesday, we got some big smiles while playing with Sophie!


  1. Best pictures ever! He is just too adorable for words. And that little video of his big smile??? Priceless!!!

  2. What a fun week - snuggles, smiles, bridal shower and Sophie!

    I do love how August's little fingers are white from holding his daddy's finger so tightly - he is really hanging on.