Friday, October 25, 2013

My Week(s) in Photos

 Such a sweet little pumpkinhead.  We've been getting a lot of use out of this beanie during the fall weather!

 I love this photo of JP reading a book in Spanish to August.  Such literate men!

 August now has a stuffed panda named Pogo.  His abuela got it for him when she heard how much he loves his painting of a panda.  So cute!

 August getting some lovin' from his Hein during her visit in mid-October.  They are quite a pair.

 The babygirl still gets cuddle time on the couch, generally while August naps in the pack-n-play closeby.

 It's not always smiles and giggles; August really did not like the trip to Home Depot for paint supplies. I'll post pictures of the painting project soon!

 His sweet cuddles in the mornings make up for it, though.

 My handsome men at a family lunch for Olga's wedding.  They are too much for this girl to handle sometimes.

When I saw this photo, I turned to JP and said, 'Well, we look like parents.'  Fitting. 

Post-Sunday morning run meal and catch-up time in the living room.  August looks like a little koala bear, doesn't he?

 Whereas here, he looks like a teddy bear.

 Oh my goodness, just a copious amount of Diegos at Olga's wedding last weekend.  It was so lovely!
P.S. JP is kneeling in the front row, and I'm wearing a blue knee-length dress on his left.

 Practicing his hand-eye coordination on the playmate.  He's getting good.

Sleepy little man in an adorable cardigan that is quickly getting too small.  I don't want to part with it yet!

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  1. Do those Royals have to copy EVERYTHING you guys do??? That little prince is cute but he can't hold a candle to our little prince!!! Can't wait to hear and see this weekend's christening details. XXXXX