Friday, September 19, 2014

Our Week in Photos or Gratuitous Photos of August

I'm sitting in a perfectly quiet house, with sunlight shining through moderately clean windows and a toddler sleeping soundly in his crib.  The only thing that could complete this is the biscotti and iced coffee I'm downing while typing this up.  I hope your weekend has some peaceful moments as well!

 JP surprised me with a family membership to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, which is such a cool space for young kids (and adults, too!).  Last Friday we wandered around the kids' garden, which has some Peter Rabbit themed paths, a splash pad, and a mini-maze.  It wears out the little man, too, which is ultimately the goal.

 Could he be any cuter?  When JP heads out to his soccer games on Sunday afternoons, August and I take the opportunity to explore parks.  Now that he's walking, we've enjoyed practicing his newest skill on the uphills at Leita Thompson Park.  It does require plenty of snack breaks, though.

 He's a climbing machine!  We love the playground at Morgan Falls, which is covered to help keep sunburns and overheating away.

 Yesterday morning, August woke up at 4:30 and decided to start his day.  Rather than fight it and get frustrated, JP and I embraced the early start, packed up the car to 'open' Starbucks, and watch the Mindy Project premiere.  When August went down for a nap at 7am, JP and I chatted about our expanding family, work-life balance, and why Hermione ended up with Ron in the Harry Potter series.  It was a perfect start to the day, and I'm so glad we could turn an early morning into a great memory.

My little yogi.
He wordlessly requests to have this chair moved under his favorite set of light switches in the house, and then just hangs out: flips the lights on and off, practices his stretching, giggles at Mia.  I absolutely love watching August entertain himself.

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  1. Talk about turning a negative into a positive!!! You and JP definitely are masters at that what with that dawn "wake-up call" from the darling boy! So nice that you made it something nice with the Starbucks run and then the mommy and daddy time while the early riser napped. You two do everything right!!! Love you. XXXXX