Friday, September 12, 2014

The Last Week

August has taken it upon himself to 'mow' our living room carpet.  It takes it very seriously.

 Last Saturday, the three of us ventured to the High Museum for their exhibit of concept cars from the past century.  It was very, very cool, and very difficult to corral a 14-month old throughout.  JP was a patient man.

 We ended up taking him to the kids' area, where there is an entire magnetic wall for the alphabet.  August got really into getting letters out of the bin.  Look at his little feet!

 In case you weren't sure who that cute boy is.

I caught them during story time; my men are too cute.

 August's new trick is climbing onto this chair to turn the light switch on and off, which will keep him entertained for hours.  Probably.  I don't let him do it that long, but I can only assume.

 August making sure his big sister doesn't miss out on story time.

 One of our friends turned one on Wednesday!  We met up at a park for a small celebration.

 August decided that Miss Stephanie is his new best friend.  I tried not to be offended.

 We sent this picture to JP one afternoon; the Diegos are very photogenic.

 Yesterday, this 10% full milk jug was August's favorite toy.  He carried it around the house until I pried it out of his fingers to put back in the fridge.

16 week belly shot!  The 'pop' happened quickly with this one.


  1. Oh how I love a week in the life and times of the wonderful Diego family! All of you so beautiful.

  2. P.S. Sweet thank you note! You are definitely the busy mommy so your note is even more appreciated. Glad you like both yours and August's presents. Wish we lived closer but your blog and FB help keep us in the loop. Love you.