Tuesday, October 7, 2014

August's First Trip to Tallahassee

Last weekend, our little family loaded up in the station wagon and hit the road to visit my wonderful little sister and my patient brother-in-law in Florida's capitol.  The little man bookended the trip with terrible behavior in the car, but it was worth it to see their awesome new place and spend quality time together!

 When we arrived, Aunt Haley had a cream cheese english muffin ready for August, who shared it (relatively) eagerly.  He is such a sweet little man.

 Saturday morning started out with some man/son/iPhone time on the couch.  I love August's little arm on JP's, as though he's saying, 'This is my papa and we are cute together all the time.'

 Haley and Matt took us to a truly tasty coffee bean roaster/shop called Lucky Goat, where we had cold brew coffee ON TAP.  Like, from a keg.  Amazing and so creamy!!  The guys there walked us through the whole process of roasting beans, the cold brew keg, packaging; it was very cool to hear from people so passionate about what they do.
 More father/son time.

 The park we hung out at on Saturday morning was totally awesome: lots of swings and great playground equipment, plus it was covered to keep the sun at bay.  Could those two above be any sweeter at play?

Sisterly love.  I'm so glad we're in the same time zone and an afternoon's drive from each other!

 They are the hosts with the most!

 It's a little washed out, but August has a very sweet little smile on that very sweet little face.  The park wore him out!

Next on the list was a gorgeous plant nursery, where August could run around touching lots of plants and checking out monstrous koi.  This is as close to a good family portrait as we could manage that afternoon; squirmy 15-month olds don't love standing still too long.

 Then it was on to Lofty Pursuits, an ice cream shop with mind-bogglingly delicious flavors.  I indulged in Guinness and double chocolate ice creams with hot fudge.  The face above is saying, 'Do not bother a pregnant woman while she's sundae-ing.'

Bubble baths are the best baths!

Thank you so much for a wonderful visit, Haley and Matt!  We enjoyed ourselves so, so much, and can't wait to plan the next trip!

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