Friday, October 17, 2014

Our Week in Photos

 Seriously, how adorable are these two men of mine?

Last Friday night, JP and I went out to a nice birthday dinner at Aria in midtown Atlanta.  It felt so nice to put on a dress and heels!  And I love to see JP all suited up.

Last week also marked 20 weeks pregnant with the munchkin (finally decided on a nickname for baby 2!), and the week we found out it's a boy!  I would be so happy with a brood of little dudes around the house, so that smile is genuine delight.

We got that crazy system of storms on Tuesday morning, and spent four hours in the morning without power!  It wasn't the worst thing ever, since the cold hasn't hit us yet, but was an unsettling way to start the day.  August did enjoy checking out our electric candles, so that was entertaining.

At a visit to the Children's Museum in ATL, August 'drove' a vegetable truck!  He also developed a deep love for that fake can of corn he's holding.  Kids be kids.

Playtime at one of our favorite playgrounds!  He's so good on the jungle gyms these days that I can watch him from the outside, rather than climbing around with him.  It's amazing how fast he's developing.

The last photo of those gorgeous curls before his first haircut!

We got the first trim on Thursday, and August was so, so good!  Pigtails and Crewcuts specializes in kids' cuts, so there's lots of distractions for him: vehicle-shaped barber chairs, a TV over each station with cartoons on, and a wall of mirrors for kids to check themselves out in.

The final product!  It's amazing how grown-up he looks without those sweet curls.  We will miss them, but I feel like they'll grow back.  The stylist yesterday left his hair long enough that he still has some wave to his hair, so fingers crossed!

Keeping up with correspondence is very important, you know.

During a particularly rough dinner night, we gave in and let August feed himself some yogurt with a spoon.  The transformation was immediate; he just wanted some control over his mealtime.  He was such a happy camper and ate bites of his real dinner between 'feeding himself.'  Look at that smile!

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  1. Cannot get over how fast he's growing. First haircut, feeding himself -- and still flashing that adorable dimple!