Friday, October 24, 2014

Our Week in Photos

Last Saturday, August wistfully watched Papa mow the lawn while gripping onto his own mini-mower.  Oh, to be old and in charge of lawn maintenance...

Then on Monday, we wistfully watched the big kids playing on the playground equipment.

The last hour before JP gets home always seems to drag, so I put on an episode of Gilmore Girls for myself and several of August's 'entertain yourself' toys.  Sometimes, though, August decides to just law on my lap to watch with me.  I should mind the screen time, but it's so nice to have him voluntarily snuggle and be still for a few minutes!

He's found JP's headphones.  And he loves them.

On Wednesday, we visited a pumpkin patch and August meet a pig named Louie...

...he found some small stones to carry around while smiling at strangers...

...and he tried to pet some chickens.

He'd totally earned a teething biscotti from all that activity.


  1. Oh yes -- definitely earned that biscotti from his (and your) very busy week. Love the lawnmower pic!

  2. He is adorable and having such a wonderful life!