Friday, June 8, 2012

What I've been up to

My lovely Grandma in North Carolina recently not-so-subtly pointed out that I've been incredibly absent from TLP.  I wish I could tell you that I was undergoing a life-changing event or had some exciting news to share with you, but the fact is that I've been really up in the air about this whole blogging thing.  I started TLP because a. my dad is not on Facebook, and this is a good way to keep up updated on what's going on in my life and b. my cousins and sister would, at times, say they could never pull off looks that I wear (I think this is more out of respect than an insult, though I have had a LOT of fashion missteps) and I wanted to share how I put pieces together.  You'll notice that there used to be way more outfit posts than there are now, and in fact more updates in general.  A full-time job, volunteer library opportunities, an actual social life, making time to keep in touch with family, and actually writing posts takes more hours than you might expect.
This is a very long intro, but suffice to say this: I'm going to be slimming down TLP this summer.  You'll find one or two recipe posts, a book review (if I'm quick enough to read one!), and a post of music/ meals/ events/ informal outfits a week.  Gone are the full-on outfit posts, but I'm wearing a lot of tees and jeans lately so you're not missing out on much.
Now, how about some iPhone photos?

JP and I had a spontaneous lunch date a few Fridays ago at Sticky Fingers, the best vegan bakery in DC.  We had TLT (tempeh, lettuce tomato) sandwiches, along with a cookie and Virgil's root beer.  Man, I love my husband and this city.
That evening, we met up with our dog park friends at Juniper in West End for a doggy happy hour.  This place is wonderful because a. their drinks are divine and b. you can bring your pup inside their courtyard! 
These are some of the best people I know, and we totally met them through our dogs.  Don't underestimate your own neighborhood.

Breakfast: tofu, kale, coconut, brown rice with a shoyu/olive oil/sesame seed oil dressing. YUM.

I had to go to south Florida because MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED!!  You can't really miss that big ol' rock on her finger, can you?  When someone invites you to your sister's engagement party, you kind of have to be there.  They look so happy, and I can't wait to celebrate their coupledom!

We were just happy to be together.  Though the tasty breakfast we'd just shared at Panera did not hurt the situation.

Oh, and I got to have some TooJay's latkes and fruit salad, with no cottage cheese.  I've gotten pretty good at ordering food these past 25 years.

We got some rain at Aunt Nesi's house from Tropical Storm Beryl (I miss day-long thunderstorms, btw) on Memorial Day, but it just gave us more time to talk.  It was soul-soothing.

Summer and I laid out for a bit last week, and the sky was glorious.  You can't photoshop this stuff.

And we got Mia a new outfit from a great company called See Scout Sleep.  Not to brag, but she looks even cuter than usual in their "Out of My Box" collar and leash.   


  1. OK, I'm better now!! And I (grudgingly) accept the slimmed down TLP. I know you're a busy girl so I'll take whatever you put out here. Love you -- XXX - G'ma

  2. Love keeping up with your daily life via TLP - helps me not miss you SO much! Mommi