Friday, June 29, 2012

My life in photos

My boo has left me.
Oh don't worry, it's just a work trip.  He'll be back from Brussels and Berlin on Monday.  Thank goodness.  This girl was not made for a solitary life.
I came up with a list of things to do in his absence, and I've been doing a pretty good job of getting through it.
First thing on my list was "See Walk the Moon."  Check.  They were at Black Cat in DC last Friday, and Katrina and I danced ourselves sweaty.
Of course, the club was dark and my one photo doesn't do justice to the atmosphere.  I've always been a big fan of live music, and this was taken during the last song, "Anna Sun," when the band is so into it and the fans are clapping and everyone is dancing around like no one else is watching.  It's always worth the price of admission.
While JP is gone, I'm sending him a photo of what I'm wearing each day so he can clearly picture me in his mind's eye (is this normal behavior?).  Anyway, these are my outfits from Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (my office had a surprise free day due to a water main break: I don't usually go supercasual like that for work).  Notice any similarities?
No more striped shirts allowed in this girl's dresser.
Awesome new lunch bag that comes with a matching napkin!  Thanks, Mom!
Mia doing her infamous, "My-ball-rolled-under-the-coffee-table-if-I-look-really-cute-and-pitiful-will-you-get-it-for-me?" face.  I got it out. 
I clogged my kitchen pipes on Sunday night; it wasn't fixed until Wednesday afternoon.  Thus, the dishes were done in the bathtub for three days.  
Lesson learned: don't put kale stems down your garbage disposal.  It will only end badly.
When it's sunny on my afternoon walks with Mia, it's glorious.
Favorite new smoothie: mango banana pineapple with almond butter, orange juice, and flaxseed.  
I even took a really great, blurry photo so JP could be part of it in spirit.
How my nights have been ending: Mia on my lap, feet up, watching Hulu or Netflix.  Generally with hot tea or popsicles, depending on the day.  Happy, happy. 
It should be noted that I did other fun stuff this week beside vainly sending my husband photos of myself and looking adoringly at my dog.  These things include: my first running club, seeing My Sister's Sister, getting a gel mani with some wonderful Georgetown friends, Skyping with my favorite Flagler friend (Hi Liza!), and getting my teeth cleaned.  
That last one may not count as "fun."  
Oh well.


  1. I am sure JP was happy to see your outfits everyday! Looks like you are keeping yourself busy and you sweetie should be home soon. And happy that Spain is No. 1!

  2. I actually enjoy getting my teeth cleaned. Miss you!!

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