Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Banana Oatmeal Bars

As much as my sister and I love food (between the two of us, we could probably eat the entire contents of both our kitchens in one day flat.  Haley, should we try this?), we don't often swap recipes.  There's no hard feelings behind this, just that we don't really cook for each other as we did back in Florida.  At college, Haley was a frequent visitor at my apartment during junior and senior year, and we would spend lots of time looking through cookbooks, trying out baked goods, and eating lots of pasta together.  Living in two separate time zones has really put a kink in that, though.
She did, however, pass this recipe on during my recent bachelorette weekend, and I knew I would have them waiting for John Paul when he got home.  I used her suggestion of substituting applesauce for the vegetable oil, and also added 1/4 c. melted peanut butter for a little nuttiness. 
HOLY BANANAS.  Just make them.  They're gooey, soft, and unbearably decadent for a dessert with no butter.  And Haley, keep those recipes comin'.  You've totally proven your worth in the baking department, yet again.


  1. I'm so so glad you liked them! I made a recent batch with peanut butter too, and got to eat them all by myself (since Matt couldn't have any). They lasted about 2 days...

  2. So happy my girls are bakers!