Thursday, July 26, 2012

Adios (for 10 days)!

Good morning, you lovely folks!  I apologize for the irregular posting this week, but I've been prepping to travel to Spain for a few days with my beloved and the rest of the Diego family.  Between buying all my travel essentials (Bonine for motion sickness and lots of magazines) and getting Mia situated at her boyfriend's houses (she's a lucky pup to stay with two wonderful families), the week just got away from me.  I'll be gone for 10 days, and my creatively inclined, awesomely talented sister, Haley, will be taking over The Lovely Prelude in my absence.  She's told me some of her post ideas, and y'all are in for a good time.
I can't wait to post my photos of Spain when we return!  Adios, mis amigos...

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