Friday, July 20, 2012

My life in photos

 Man, this week has had some serious ups and downs.  I'm looking forward to ending on a high note tonight with a dinner party; might wear this white polka dot dress to hostess.  It's a great H&M find, and is guaranteed to get compliments!

 Remember when I mentioned back in May that I registered for a half-marathon?  Well, I had to miss it for the best possible reason (little sister getting engaged trumps everything).  To make up for it, I've registered for a race in September, and am hot on the training schedule!  Summer and Amber are running it, too; it's a Summers girl mini-reunion in Maryland!  I'll keep you updated, and you know I'll post my running mix.

 The main reason for doing races of any kind is to indulge in dinners like this: sweet potato pancakes on a spinach salad.  Yeah, my man's the best for making these. 

 Worst outfit photo ever, but I love love love this peplum top from H&M.  Check out a close-up of the patten below.  So adorable!

 Purple, peach and yellow parrots.  If only I could wallpaper our bathroom in this...

 Obligatory cute shot of Mia.  She's been so low-key lately; I think the heat is officially getting to her.  Never fear, though, as she is still getting plenty of affection from me and her beloved JP.

 Oh, last weekend we got a Costco membership.  It was hard to talk JP out of buying a gazillion pounds of mayo, but eventually we just got a trough of fabric softener, enough laundry detergent to last us a year, and called it a day. 
That place is exhausting.

Uniporn and rainhoes cupcake (I did not come up with the name, though it is a major reason for me ordering it) with Vietnamese iced coffee (cold-brewed coffee, 2 shots espresso, ice and sweetened condensed milk).  Clearly, I was going for health on Sunday.


  1. You are adorable! Can't wait to hear how the dinner party went. I had Thai coffee tonight, sounds similar to Vietnamese - yum!

  2. Good thing you were with JP at Costco or you'd have that enormous jug of mayo! Remember the kale experience??? Costco is soooooo dangerous. You go in to pick up two items and come out with fifty. Love your polka dot dress. Know I'm one of the many who'll compliment you. XXXXX

  3. Love the outfits!!! I hate Costco but Ly LOVES it. I keep hoping he realizes it's not as cost-effective for the two of us as he wants it to be but that day does not look like it is coming anytime soon. In fact, we are going today. blah. I wish we had quinoa in Korea btw. Have also never seen kale. And I am still thinking about your s'mores bars so I am having my mom send me graham crackers!!