Friday, July 6, 2012

My life in photos

In my downtime, I've been working on a craft involving a lot of embroidery thread.  I can't wait to share it with you next week; it's coming along really awesomely.

We're currently dog-sitting for two of our couple friends while they've escaped the summer heat of DC.  Shriver is on the left, and Tanner's on the right.  Mia's loving all the wrestling companions!  Haley has described Mia as "Roberta from Now and Then," which means we're not worried about them being at home without parental supervision.
Also, it means that my sister is the best for remembering my deep adolescent love for Christina Ricci films.

 JP is keeping them entertained by playing the guitar.  Or, as my Rosetta Stone would tell me, Mi esposo esta tocando la guitarra por el perro.  Esposo, if you read this, am I right?

 Holy smokes.  It's been hot here.  At night, it cools down to about 85.  This is pretty universal, though, right?  I mean, it's hot pretty much everywhere this season.

We had a crazy, freak thunderstorm here last Friday, with hurricane-force winds (up to 90 mph!) and insane lightening.  Mia and I felt like we were in a car wash. 
When we went for a walk on Saturday morning, there were trees down all over the place and lots of street signs were gone.  One of the streetlights' glass coverings had fallen from a bridge over our sidewalk; it was HUGE.  That's Mia's head off to the right, and the glass is about the size of 7 Mia heads. 
That's how I measure things.

This was our Fourth of July. Laundry and dogs. And jet lag. JP fell asleep at about 8.

 However, before he passed out, we made an awesome dinner.  I can't wait to share the recipe with you next week!

 My new running album.  They're Canadian, but don't let that stop you from downloading Synthetica!

This is more for Elizabeth than anything else.  My final daily outfit photo for JP, and also an example of something I would have never worn in high school.  A tee shirt tucked into short-shorts WITH A BELT?!  My, how things have changed.


  1. Glad to read about your week and how you're surviving that insane East Coast weather! You must be some of the lucky ones avoiding the power outage we've heard about on the news. Good that JP is home and happy with the visiting pets. And you look as cute as ever in your short shorts!! XXXXX

  2. Looks like the dogs are a trio - know they are keeping you busy. Yikes - can't believe this weather, hot, hot, hot.

  3. Thank you for the pic! If I had your legs, I'd wear short-shorts in the winter, as well. You're disgustingly cute as usual.

  4. p.s. I love that you wrote, "They're Canadian, but don't let that stop you..." sigh. Another reason why we just get each other.