Friday, November 9, 2012

My Week in Photos

 We spent last Saturday at Great Falls (the Virginia side) to check out the higher water levels.  The falls were crazy!

 Belen came along (as did her boyfriend, who is just out of this shot)- Diego sibling love!

It was a pretty overcast and chilly day, but it was still great to be outside.

 JP wandered onto some rocks, way off the path.

We went to the first leg of the Eastern Conference MLS Finals to see DC United play the NY Red Bulls.  This game was tied, but, as of last night, we conquered NY and are going to play in the semis against Houston next!!  We haven't made the playoffs in 5 years, and haven't been to the semis since 2006- I am so pumped and proud to be a DCU fan!!

Haley shared an AMAZING recipe for squash alfredo pasta- yum yum!!

JP and I wandered around Georgetown instead of watching election results- much calmer evening.  J.Crew coat and jeans, Urban Outfitters mittens, Gap scarf, Aldo oxfords, H&M hat.
He's so dapper.  Not that you can tell, but he's wearing a cashmere blazer.  I wanted to curl up inside of it; it's definitely been nippy here in DC!

How cute are these little marzipan animals?  I like the squirrel best, though the panda's a close second.

Last night's dinner was broccoli-potato nuggets with soups and all the half-finished condiments in the fridge.  I'm not kidding; there were 2 types of salsa, bruschetta, mustard and olive oil.  We had the dipping sauces covered.

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