Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nobody's Perfect, or the story of how I messed up a cake

One day I'll have to post a story on here about a dessert I made that came out perfectly without having to put too much effort into.  In the meantime, here is a brief story of the pear and chocolate cake I baked on Saturday night:
As mentioned in Monday's post, John Paul made a superb dinner for us as a reward for the spring cleaning we accomplished over the weekend.  I thought it would be a great idea for me to make a cake that was light and easy, with perhaps some fruit in it.  Enter the bittersweet chocolate and pear cake.  I already had most of the ingredients, but was missing the springform pan it called for.  No big deal, I thought.  I'll just throw it into my round silicone baking pan and call it a day!
Thus I went about making the cake. I peeled and diced the pears, I browned the butter, I whipped the eggs for 10 minutes (well, the mixer did).  I put it into the pan and into the oven and was prepared for the glory that would come with baking a perfect dessert.
The picture above is the last picture I took of the cake.  The heat TOTALLY didn't distribute properly, and the middle of the cake wouldn't bake.  John Paul and I ended up having to eat it with spoons right out of the pan.
Some girlfriends came over on Tuesday night and helped finish it.
My friends are so considerate.


  1. way to be way too hard on yourself (you like all those "ways"?). personally, i thought it was delicious and even better because i could forget my manners and eat it from the pan!

  2. i made a flourless chocolate cake for easter and i ALMOST skipped the springform pan part, but i ended up buying a cheap one just to be sure!

  3. The first two batches of my Wookie Cookies came out flat - but let me tell you - the kids loved them just the same!

  4. I'm pretty sure spoon cake is better than real cake!

  5. Spoon cake is always delicious, and sometimes it's the mistakes that are the funnest to eat! Thanks for the encouragement, girls.