Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Zebra Girl

Shorts and sweater: Urban Outfitters
Tank: F21
Shoes: Tootsie's
While my mom and Haley visited DC, one of my missions was to take them to Mandu, a little Korean restaurant in Dupont Circle.  It has the tastiest bipimbap!  We went on the last night they were in town, so we got a little dressed up in celebration of surviving Wedding Summit 2011.  The whole night was lovely, and I was excited to debut these cute little high-waist shorts.  They're perfect with a silky tank top tucked in and my Golden Girls-esque Sweater on top.  We had a great time; it was the perfect end to a lovely visit!


  1. I have enjoyed your last few blogs. I want JP to make the Beef Wellington for my birthday, and you can make the cake shown below. In addition, you can wear your zebra outfit (does it make you look taller???) and we'll have a review of the book Barbara recommended. I'm looking forward to seeing you and Summer Jean in a couple of weeks!
    aunt nesi

  2. I can't wait to see you, either, Aunt Nesi! We're going to have such a good time!