Friday, September 16, 2011

The Strange Case of Origami Yoga

First of all, how sci-fi-tastic is this cover?  I love the paper Yoda with a real lightsaber; just gets you in the right mindset for reading this juvenile fiction book by Tom Angleberger.
Tommy, a 6th grader, just wants to know if Origami Yoda is real or not.  His weird, kind of loser friend, Dwight, starts wearing a paper Yoda on his finger one day, which should just make him seem even more weird.  Instead, Origami Yoda starts giving pretty sound advice to all of the students in his class about how to solve the mysteries of dancing with girls, confessing a mistake to a teacher, or facing bullies.  How can Origami Yoda be so wise when Dwight is such a strange kid?  Should the rest of the 6th grade class take the advice seriously?  And why in the world would is the Twist so important?
Each chapter is written from a different perspective; students share their Yoda experiences, and Tommy adds his two cents at the end of the stories.  It's a fun way of incorporating a variety of voices into the narrative, and giving each character its own personality.  There are great doodles throughout, as well as asides from Tommy's friends.
As soon as I put this book down, John Paul picked it up and enjoyed it too!  It's really about kids learning to be social and step outside of their comfort zones a bit, and that's always fun to be reminded of. 


  1. Well you know I loved this book - Brent too. We listened to it last time we went to MN. Angleberger really captured the angst of middle school!

  2. I read this based on your recommendation! Really cute.