Thursday, October 6, 2011

Solar Decathlon 2011

Over the weekend, John Paul and I hit up the 2011 Solar Decathlon on the National Mall to look over the houses up for consideration.  The SD was developed to promote innovation in environmentally sustainable architecture; there are tons of great ideas for space-saving furniture, new ways of using old materials, even just ways of easily integrating "green" living with your daily life.
University of Maryland ended up winning the competition, but all of the houses were so cool!  Below are a few pictures of my favorite things we saw, that are easiest to picture in a house.  A couple pictures were taken by my mother; thanks for sharing, Mom!
Here's a lightweight stool that's sewn together!  There are three legs, and they're stitched to the seat with really thick yarn-like material.  What a cool idea.
A copper backsplash in a kitchen- easy to clean, and will patina nicely in years to come.  That color against the medium wood grain is gorgeous, isn't it?
One of the houses had quotes and sayings burned into the wraparound patio.  Beautiful.
A drying line built into a back porch.  Such an easy idea, and something you could definitely use on a regular basis!
This kitchen island has bookcases on one side- something I wish my current home had.
What would you do with your home to save space or be greener?

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