Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My life in a few photos

Hello, you wonderful readers!  I apologize for being off the map for the past couple of weeks.  There is no excuse, but would it help if I say there was a long visit from my mom, the National Book Festival, and lots of delicious food?
My mom and I got pedicures in Dupont Circle during her visit; it was terribly relaxing.  They asked if we wanted coffee, water, or champagne.  I think our answer was pretty obvious.
I would like to think that she came up solely for me, but the Book Festival was going on that weekend!  Here is Julianne Moore, discussing her children's series, Freckleface Strawberry.  She is gorgeous and well-spoken and great with kids.
Brian Selznick wrote The Invention of Hugo Cabret, which is a beautifully and thickly illustrated book about a young boy who lives in a train station.  (It's going to be a movie by Martin Scorsese this November.)  He's a dynamic speaker- really enjoyed hearing about his creative process, which involves lots of research.
Amy Chua (we were in the back- trust me, the view was better in person!) defended her memoir, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, which details her strict upbringing of her daughters.  The tent was pretty charged with opinions of her parenting style, but I really enjoyed her talk!
Summer joined us!  It was a great day- low 70s and cloudy.  We had a great time!
On Sunday morning we trekked to the Dupont Farmer's Market, where we picked up honeycrisp apples and peaches.  Yummy!  Also had brunch, then headed back to the NBF for the second day of speakers.
I really enjoyed Joshua Foer, the guy who wrote Moonwalking with Einstein.  Very articulate and, not surprisingly, the memory champ did not use any notes.
My Sunday ended with Garrison Keillor.  He recited sonnets he had written; they were lewd and hysterical.  I could listen to him speak all day.  What a wonderful closing author!


  1. We did have a wonderful time - and the NBF was only an added bonus - I really went to see DC to you three - JP, Mia and my Abbigirl!

  2. I had a WONDERFUL visit with you! We'll have to do it again soon! xoxo