Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend in Chicago

Haley and I went to Chicago, then Urbana, IL this weekend to celebrate my wonderful mother's birthday face-to-face-to-face.  Seriously, we had such a good time!
The trip started off in Chicago, where Mom, Haley and I spent the night in a swanky hotel and had a fancy-pants dinner of delicious tapas.  The lobby of our one-night home was so cool we hung out after dinner!  How cute are these girls?
Friday was a daylong shopping excursion on Michigan Avenue in search of Haley's bridesmaid dress.  We were pretty bundled up; chilly, chilly weather!  P.S. We found the dress.  Whew!
We saw a Lego-fied Woody at a mall.  (John Paul's reaction: Is that a Woody made out of Legos?!  DAYUM!)
Very bravely, we went to the American Girl Doll store.  Oh my goodness, everything was inside of this store, even a doll hair salon (where you could pay $20 to get your doll's hair braided), "electric" doll toothbrushes, doll snow cone stands...it was a girl's dream.
Eventually, we made our way back to Urbana and the gorgeous farmer's market.  How pretty are these tomatoes?!
There was really good kettle corn there.
The trip ended with a trip to Black Dog, where Haley indulged in their burnt ends (the juicy "butts" of barbecue briskets).  I may have had a little bite or ten.
I love these ladies!  Thanks for a relaxing, lovely weekend- I can't wait to see you again soon!

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  1. It was a lovely weekend - thank you both for making it happen! Abbi, you did a good job of "capturing" the visit. I love you!