Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Good, Good Pig

My mom read this book ages ago, and recommended it.  Finally, I picked up Sy Montgomery's The Good, Good Pig last week, and am so glad I took her advice. 
Sy and her husband, Howard, adopted a runty pig and named it Christopher Hogwood.  Although they originally thought the pig might not make it very long (runts usually don't), Chris ended up living 14 wonderful years, tipping the scales at 750 (!!) pounds at his heftiest.  Sy and Howard are both free-lance writers, which could sometimes close them off to their neighbors and other "human" companions, but Chris showed them that it takes a community to raise a pig.  While gathering slops for Chris, Sy developed relationships with her neighbors; when he escaped from his pen, the town policeman knew to track him down with apples kept in his truck; national photographers came to visit and take photos of Chris dressed up for greeting cards.  While Sy traveled to the Amazon and India for stories, thoughts of Chris (and her menagerie of other pets, including chickens and a border collie) grounded her to the home she had with Howard in New Hampshire.  Throughout the memoir, Sy includes tidbits on pigs, including their history of being worshipped by humans, different breeds, and the traits they share with people.  It's a great, quick read that will reinvigorate your love for animals.

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