Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Holidays 2011!

Merry Christmas!  JP and I spent Sunday morning decorating our home for the holidays; our tree is extra lovely this year.  It's cluttered, with silver balls and a few mismatched ornaments, but I love it. Perfect in its imperfections.
This year I just taped up some ornaments inside of our frame; looks festive and unexpected with the heavy black plaster.  I may add some more to the mix!
Some of the decorations are super simple.  Here, we have a number of paper grocery bags, cut up and taped into a garland.  A lovely way to greet people to the hallway!
As I mentioned yesterday, we had a little dessert party on Sunday.  As per usual, I gathered way too much food: lumps o' coal (candy cane bits covered in dark chocolate), homemade caramel corn, croissants from Le Pain Quotidien (that was my man's touch!), homemade coconut-lime bars, homemade frosted flake-chocolate chip-marshmallow cookies, and pretzels with cocoa almond butter.  And then guests brought more food!  It was a very indulgent afternoon.
In addition, I put some hot chocolate and spiced apple cider on the stove, with various toppings.  I must say, the liqueurs were a hit, at least with me!
John Paul, Mia, Winfred and I hope you're enjoying the holiday season, and all of the wonderful celebrations that go along with it!


  1. Everything looks beautiful and delicious! Can't wait to see you soon. XXX G'ma

  2. What a lovely tree - love the big "A" front and center! Wish I could have been there for the indulgent feast - look wonderful!