Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Loads of unprepped food pictures

On my phone are several photos of recipes half-completed, meals that I put together and took only a few photos of.  Certainly, I can't do a whole post on a recipe with just one photo; what would you have to go on that it's tasty, other than my word?  Instead, I offer you this Frankenstein-worthy collection of cookie dough, a delicious salad, and scones that will knock your socks off with their beauty.
I made a copycat Momofuku Milkbar cookie called Cornflake Marshmallow Chocolate Chip, with dough that is absolutely to die for.  Don't even bother baking them; just put the dough directly into your mouth.  YUM!  I didn't make the cornflake crunch (just used Frosted Flakes), and definitely give the cookies tons of space to spread out if you do so choose to bake them.  They get really large and flat.  Perfect for breaking into bits and dunking into some cold almond milk!
During a healthier phase, this Toasted Kale and Coconut Salad hit the spot.  I used regular shredded coconut rather than large flake, and it turned out wonderfully!  A great combination of salty (soy sauce), slightly sweet (coconut), and filling (brown rice).  Definitely give it a try if you're doing some holiday detox.  Also, I highly recommend you checking out the rest of the Shutterbean blog; she's full of delicious, healthy treats, including some truly dangerous cocktails.
I've made these Lavender and Toasted Walnuts Scones about four times now, and each time get tons of compliments on their delicate flavor and gorgeous presentation.  Try cutting them into different shapes; I've done the big scones, smaller squares, tiny triangles (pictured). 

Well, it's not a perfect post, but sometimes life gets in the way of good intentions.  Certainly don't hold my lack of photography against any of these recipes!

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