Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Last weekend

Man, last weekend was eventful.  My apologies that I'm posting this on Wednesday instead of my usual Tuesday, but I needed some time to recuperate!
My wonderful dad and stepmom, Karen, came to town on Thursday and stayed through Monday morning.  I took Friday off to escort them to the American History and Natural History Museums; we got a few pictures in front of the Washington Monument (which is still closed due to earthquake damage!), and saw the Hope Diamond.
It's in a new setting, which is pretty dazzling.
Of course,we went to the dog park; Mia got lots of lovin' this weekend.
On Saturday, JP and I ran the Hot Chocolate 15K!  The race itself had some organizational issues and started an hour late; I, however, was very happy with my time and the fact that we got a tray of chocolate fondue at the finish line!  We washed it down with some delicious hot chocolate.
Very rewarding portion of the weekend.
Mia and Dad really connected over TopGear episodes on Netflix.
On Sunday, we started the day with bloody marys at Martin's Tavern, an old restaurant in Georgetown (it's where JFK proposed to Jackie!)...
...and ended at the National Gallery of Art, where Dad got to see a Pollock.
All in all, it was super lovely!  Definitely whet my appetite to catch up with my Florida friends and family over Christmas break...

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