Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dallas' College Graduation!

 My cousin Dallas graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan College on Saturday, and I'm so proud of him!  WVWC is only 4.5 hours from DC, so I drove over to witness this momentous occasion.
The journey there was beautiful; lots of mountains and curvy roads to keep it interesting.
 I could tell we were in West Virginia by the decor.  I arrived just in time for a meal at Hillbilly Grill, where we indulged in deep fried pickles, $3.50 BLTs, and banana cream pie.  The pie had barely touched the table when Megs and I gobbled it up!
 My lovely companions for the weekend: Andrea, Grandma, Papa, Dallas, Thomas and Megs.
 He did it!  A college grad with a degree in business, minor in econ.  He's an impressive kid!
 Appropriate attire for a graduation: black Gap dress, Cooperative brown wedges, brown H&M belt, necklace from Goldfinch.
 Mom looked cute, too!
 After graduation, we hopped into the car (Megs and I were in the very back, where dogs and luggage usually reside)  with a couple bloody marys for a trip to Thyme Bistro for lunch.  It was tasty!
 Dallas took us by a winery on the way back to the college; there was even a winery dog!  We had some blackberry merlot, which was undeniably delicious!
 While looking for decorations for Dallas' graduation dinner, I found some great accessories at the Dollar Store.  Your outfit's not complete without goofy glasses!
 The drive home was equally lovely.
I had to stop to take a few photos by the side of the road.  We don't have sights like this in Florida!

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  1. It was lovely to see you - we did have a good time. I loved our early morning run past the slip n slide in front of the KA House!