Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DC Grey Market

JP and I went to the DC Grey Market last Sunday, and ate ourselves silly.  I hadn't heard of this before in DC, but know that other cities (NYC, Chicago) do events of this nature: you pay a small admission fee and enter a space with lots of unlicensed food makers.  Basically, it's a potluck you pay to get into, and then pay each vendor for their wares, if you like what they're selling.  The people in the photo above made amazing pierogis, including one with bacon, cheese and potatoes.  Yum!
 What it equals is lots of really reasonably-priced food from small, local businesses, and getting to talk to the people who make the food.  It's not really a farmer's market, because there's no produce, but it's only shakily legal, for reasons I'm not totally sure of.  Regardless, we had a wonderful time there! 
Many of the vendors are very special-diet friendly; Naturally Sweet had the beautiful vegan, gluten-free carrot cupcakes above. 
 A caterer called 'Curvy Mama' made gorgeous pies; her cherry pie looked perfectly summery, but JP went for the pecan variety.  It was delish!
There was a vegan cupcake group with very beautifully presented plates.  It's hard to tell, but they're actually minis!
 My favorite savory of the day was deep-fried taro from an empanada stand.  It was Asian-inspired and very reminiscent of a Japanese latke!  I'd like a dozen for lunch right now.
 JP's lunch was a pork sandwich.
 He seriously savored every bite!  That kid loves his meaty sandwiches.
 This is the face of a very satisfied Abbi.
My favorite little treat was dairy-free strawberry-basil 'ice cream' from Naturally Sweet.  Perfect way to end my hour of decadence.

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  1. All of this looks yummy and you look adorable.