Thursday, May 17, 2012

My life in photos

 This week, my thumbs were very formal and feminine.  It took a steady hand.
 Joe is in DC!  Of course, we took him to BTS.  JP's smile is so large because a. friends are fun to be around and b. he's about to get a burger with bacon and caramelized onions on it.  Score.
Mural on the stair case at Local 16.  That anatomically correct heart in the center is mildly disturbing, but the whole painting is strangely enticing.
 I love when he cooks.
 We had such a good time on the Georgetown waterfront picnic on Friday, Tara and Mark invited us to join them for double date version on Sunday!  This time, we brought the pups and our picnic blanket. 
 I love this trail behind our dog park in the West End.  It's tangled, shady and somehow always cool in the summer.
 JP got a new camera and took photos of me cooking some maple-pecan muffins.  Of course, neither of us got pictures of the finished product, but there are plenty of the mixing and pouring process!
P.S. How amazing is this photo compared to my iPhone pics? 
Breakfast pizza at Local 16 with bottomless bloody marys.  Sigh...


  1. How in the world do you eat all this food and stay so thin?! Those maple pecan muffins look sooo yummy. Well, the batter anyway. P.S. I had forgotten about Joe!

  2. Ah, the good life! Love that cute thumbnail!