Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Life in Photos

 When I have the apartment to myself, I like to look at decorating books, make to-do lists, and eat wasabi peas.
 Take out night generally involves veggie pad thai and spring rolls.
 Tara invited Summer and I to a happy hour at Bayou.  I had a spicy bloody mary, which was garnished with a pickled okra.  Man, I love southern drinks.
 Mia gets so alert when the doorbell rings.
 Cold-brewed coffee with biscotti.
 Last week, I went out with some CUA girls (and a boy!) to H Street Country Club, a bar/restaurant with a mini-golf course upstairs!  It's pretty DC-centric, with King Kong climbing the Washington Monument...
...and dead presidents rising from their graves.  
 This is what Mia and I do when JP's out of town: sleep in late, then send him photos of it.
I painted my nails to look like the night sky.
Mia and Tanner had a weekend-long sleepover!  When their parents are around, they sleep on opposite sides of the couch; who knows what happens when we leave.

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  1. Hooray -- you're back!! No wonder you didn't blog for a while. Lots going on in your beautiful life -- and thanks for sharing it with the great pictures! XXXXX -- G'ma