Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I've Become My Mother

My mom sent me this saying recently because of a phone call we shared on Monday morning.
On Sunday evening, JP and I watched the Game of Thrones pilot (yes, we are truly behind on the times).  (Have you watched it?  I'd be curious to hear single ladies vs. mom's views on the episode.)  I realize that GoT is on HBO, so is bound to have a lot of sex and violence.  I totally don't have a problem with the nudity and consensual sex on TV (non-consensual is another issue...), but I really took offense with the casual tone of violence.  Much more so than I would have before August was born.  At the end of the pilot episode, a young boy is pushed out of a window, presumably to his death.
I turned to JP and said, 'Well, I certainly can't watch this show.  And I don't think this should be entertaining!  He was just a kid!' blah blah blah, you see my point.
On Monday morning, I had to call my mom to tell her that exchange.  You see, my mom is the original woman who can't watch something because of the violence.  She would casually leave the room when graphic scenes came up on movies or TV shows, and openly voice her disapproval of certain things being shown because they were unpleasant.  I used to think to myself, 'What a sissy!  It's part of the story, the human condition, etc.'
It has finally coalesced for me.  I didn't really get it before August was born, but my hormones have completely shifted, and I don't see the pleasure of watching something that shows violence towards children (it's why I had to stop following Sons of Anarchy).  Or a person dying and leaving a child behind.  I WEPT during a recent viewing of JJ Abrams' Star Trek's opening scene; don't even get me started on the first 10 minutes of Olympus Has Fallen or, God forbid, UP.  I can't help but picture my own little man being in that situation, and my heart just aches thinking about it.
Have any of you mamas found that your entertainment taste changed post-baby?  Has it gone back to normal?  I wonder if I'll ever enjoy my old favorites again!

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  1. I cannot think of a better person for you to turn into than your wonderful mother.