Friday, November 15, 2013

The Week in Photos

 The second JP gets home, he heads straight for August; I love watching their relationship grow.  He's such a hands-on father!

 August is just one of the boys at a barbecue lunch last Saturday.

 We went to the King of Pops Field Day on Sunday, and it was so much fun!  They're a local popsicle company, and have a fan appreciation day when it gets chilly to commemorate the end of the season; it felt like such a treat to spend the day with free frozen treats and good friends.  We met up with our wonderful friend Kelly, who is one of August's favorite people here in Atlanta.

 And we also hung out with JP's cousins, Olga and Chester!  Sweet newlyweds.

The little man was very happy listening to the cover band performing Creedence Clearwater Revival while sitting in Papa's lap.  

The Diego family.  

 We recently rearranged our living room, and the downstairs changing table is right up against the couch aka at Mia's level.  She is thrilled to have this kind of access to August!

 He has a new favorite toy.  It's pretty adorable to watch him get excited when I bring it out for him.

Nothing about this outfit matches, but it's still one of my favorites.

 Sweet, sleepy boy.

 Sometimes he holds onto me while he's eating, and my heart bursts a little bit.  Those cute pudgy fingers...

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  1. I love the Friday edition of TLP. Can't get enough of the sweet Diego family. Love, love, love you. XXXXX