Friday, November 8, 2013

The Week in Photos

 August got to enjoy the Real Madrid soccer game with his papa last Saturday; he was entranced!

Aunt Ana got August this wooden toy for his baptism, and he is mesmerized by it.  Although he doesn't want to put it in his mouth or play with it, he loves watching it while in his swing.  Good gift!

We had a great Monday morning: story time at the library with Miss Angie, checking out the fish at the pet store after, and then a walk around our neighborhood with Miss Mia.  He was a little unsure about the fish, although he loved checking out the black ones.  (I think the neon fish on the right side were a little hard for him to focus on.)  This kid's a cheap date!

Last weekend, JP and I bought August this 'water mat.'  It's a whale that you fill with water, and there are several sea creatures that 'swim' around inside when you move it around or shake it.  He's a bit iffy about it, but we are totally baffled.  How did the animals get inside the whale?  Did he eat them?  If so, why do they look so happy?  If he didn't eat them, how did they come to live within him?  And how big is this whale?!  There's an octopus in this thing!  
The unanswered questions of children's toys...

The sweetest smile during one of his feedings.  I just love how dimpled his cheeks are!

August discovered his reflection in the mirror last week!  Oh my goodness, how cute is it when he smiles at himself?

 I got to make a truly delicious, moist pumpkin bread on Monday afternoon during August's long nap.  Come back next week for the recipe!

Thanks for my nifty knitted cap, Auntie Haley!  It fits perfectly.
And Mia likes it, too.

A. How perfect is this little onesie from his abuela?  B. How adorable is he during his morning conversation with the blue dog above his play mat?
Oh, and remember how I was complaining about his horrible sleep patterns?  Well, since last Thursday, he's been giving us 8-11 (eleven!!) hours of sleep at night, generally waking up one thing between 4 and 5.  Blissful!

 He loves Sandra Boynton's board books!  This one is called Pajama Time, and there is a song that goes along with it; he loves when we get into it.


JP won a red velvet cake from work; it is a beauty!  And, ahem, quite tasty.  I might have had a slice...or three...just for quality assurance.

And, finally, here is proof that moms and sons can somewhat match outfits.  The little man and I wore polka dot pants and striped beanies yesterday.  We even had on the same sweatshirt in different colors!  I love being his twin.  BFF (sorry, JP)!


  1. Oh yes, you two are definitely twins. You know he got those adorable dimples from his adorable mommy! Glad to hear the sleep situation has improved!

  2. 1) He is ridiculously precious!
    2) Emma LOVES Sandra Boynton's books. She won't read anything else.
    3) Which ones does August have? We want to send him some of Em's favorites :)