Friday, November 1, 2013

The Week in Photos

 August's first pair of sneakers!!  Nike Baby Force Ones.  Thankfully, they're velcro.

 When I look at this picture, I can see him 5 years old already.  Not sure if it's the light or the cute expression on his face, but something about him feels older than just 4 months.

 Enjoying some tummy time with soft blocks from his Hein.

 Sweet little man with his Auntie Haley!  They are very good friends.

 Grandpa Dave was on baby duty a few times last weekend; it was very sweet to see!  It's been a very cool and meta experience to see August interact with all of his grandparents.  He's lucky to have so many great grown-ups in his life!

 Tummy time before the big baptism last Saturday.
You can tell that Mia is continuing her duties as personal bodyguard and diaper sniffer.

 Mama and the little man.

 Biggest milestone of last Saturday: no spit-up or stains on the white baptism outfit.  Score!

 Auntie Haley got August this onesie that says 'Mr. Fancy Pants,' which he is so nonchalant about wearing with leg warmers.  My little hipster.

 Mia snuck in a little kiss!  She's too quick for me to stop sometimes!

 She is 'ever vigilant,' as my mom says.

 We're listening to a lot of The Okee Dokee Brothers these days; this one won the Grammy for best kids' album last year.  It's so good!  These guys spent a summer canoeing down the Mississippi, and wrote some awesome songs about it.  'Can You Canoe' and 'Thousand Star Hotel' are my favorites to sing to August.

 Happy Halloween from the sleepiest skeleton!
P.S. I went as Rosie the Riveter (no photos-sorry!) at our neighborhood Halloween block party, which was very fun/difficult to explain to a 6-year old.  'Well, Avalon, Rosie the Riveter was a proponent for women helping build weapons and other war supplies during World War II.'  Obviously.

They're going to be best friends if it's the last thing Mia does.

And, last but certainly not least, a very happy birthday to this guy- my wonderful Dad!  I am constantly amazed his depth and thoughtfulness.  When I called him 3 weeks ago to tell him about August's baptism, he said he would be there automatically; he drove through the night, arriving at 2am, to see me after August's birth; this photo is from when he and Haley surprised me in DC when I couldn't afford/didn't have time to go home to Florida for a whole year.  Dad, you're a wonderful father, and an awesome namesake to your grandson.  I love you and hope you have a great time at dinner tonight; I wish I could be there!


  1. Love your tribute to your wonderful Dad. I second every single word you said -- especially the part about automatically saying he'd "be there". He's said that to me many times and I know that no matter what -- he'll be there. Great pictures this week -- but then, they've all been great. Love you XXXXX

  2. Thanks, Grandma! You did a good job with that Sonny Boy. :)