Monday, December 16, 2013

Our First Christmas in Our House!

 Merry Christmas!  The holiday certainly snuck up on us, didn't it?  You may notice that the fireplace has been painted white, which really spruces it up.  We hung a few silver pinecones under the mantle, added some mercury glass votives/vases, and August's photo with Santa (!!).

 JP's childhood nativity is up, as is his stories about playing with the pieces as a wee little man.  It fits perfectly in our bookcase!

 The sitting room is decked out for Christmas.  It's my favorite space in the house these days!  The tree is 26 years old, just a couple years younger than JP, and he loves that we've got this relic from his childhood up for August's first Christmas.  We've got lots of memories to build on this one!

 Most of the ornaments are store-bought from Home Depot on Black Friday, but we have a few from our own budding collection.  A beloved one from my best friend from middle school that commemorated our wedding in March 2012, and the cute one below that I made for August's first holiday season!

I love our stockings.  August's is clearly the most adorable, and I just adore the sweet burlap and personalization.  The other two are from my first Christmas with JP in Saint Augustine, so they have a special place in my heart.  A little elf has already stored a few trinkets for August in his stocking; he must have been a good kid this year!


  1. Beautiful!!!! Could be a photo layout in a fancy magazine!

  2. You and John Paul did a great sprucing up for Christmas - and lots of memories already! I love that John Paul is sentimental about his Christmas decorations.